This morning warning was sent out as last time we traded near this range, we shit the bed and we literally shit the bed today straight 90pt handles down!

Levels from VIP SubStack

  • We had level 3910 - rejected pre market
  • We had level 3989 - we back tested it and failed
  • We had level 3886 - once it broke there was no support and dove!

Thoughts on /ES 🤔


This may be the beginning of the next wave down so be extra careful on entry and exit and wait for confirmation. Very slow morning but levels worked like a charm! Clear giveaway was AAPL chart which we discussed at the top of it’s rising wedge in the previous plan. It dove and pulled the market down. Currently Holding above 38xx If we give up 38xx we will see 37xx! Below we will go into depth about the levels and analysis!

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Stocks We Will Be Reviewing

  • FUTURES - /ES & /NQ
  • ETFs - QQQ (tech) & IWM (small caps)
  • VIX - Volatility Index

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