Live Stream 8/19 - Details Below

Live Stream 8/19 - Details Below

I will be hosting 2 Live Streams!

1. For VIP Members - 8-9 pm EST

2. For EVERYONE - 9-10 pm EST

Please make time for the 1-hour live stream that will take place in Discord!

TWITTER Community!
I NEED ALL OF YOU TO PLEASE GO - RETWEET and JOIN the community on Twitter as well! I am trying to make it one of the largest FREE SPY/Orderflow Chart communities on Twitter!

We have some great other traders that have a notable presence on there that I tagged in the tweet! We unite as 1 and can grow.

Note Tic brought most of you here so to continue the community that he shut down I have created one as it's a great place to continue sharing ideas and charts with thousands of others!



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