?s On Previous Email - Important INFO!

?s On Previous Email - Important INFO!

So I have gotten a handful of DMs about the previous email about Lifetime included.

  1. Daily Blog for /ES /NQ QQQ VIX SPY
  2. Pre-market live streams
  3. Monthly ToS Level updates for 12 stocks
  4. Live stream on Orderflow and reading the DOM (see pic below)
  5. A-Z about trading futures and my strategy on market structure 3-4hr Live Stream

This is a 1 TIME Fee for LIFE, NO Monthly/Annual Usually 499 now $299 that's all for the value provided!

Sierra DOM - If you need help setting up your DOM like this I can assist.


OTC - Options - Small Caps - Futures - FREE Weekly Blog - Premium Daily Blog + Level Alerts! *NOT a Financial Advisor* Daily Blog - Learn & Grow (link below)

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