3 Live Streams + Special Co-host

Hello everyone!
So far tremendous week with levels!

We will have 3 Live Streams this weekend!

  1. V.I.P ONLY(see below) - Co-host Savvy1 from Discord - Sunday 8:30 PM EST!
    Savvy who is one of the analysts in the group who we all know does a phenomenal job with charting and Fibonacci sequences.
    + Fibonacci Retracements
    + How to use the Fibonacci tool
    + Spotting ABCD patterns
    + much more
  2. VIP Live Stream (After Savvy at 8:30pm EST to whenever we will roll right over into going over other charts and levels)
    - Prepare questions
    - Charts to go over or trades you took this week
  3. FREE (regular weekly one Sunday 7:30 pm EST)
    - Will just go over the weekly big picture of the charts
    - Basic charting concepts.



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